Stretch with the Best

The Ultimate Stretch Facility of Boca Raton

Boost Joint Function

We aim to bring ultimate wellness and health to every individual who wants to change his/her life.

Eliminate Body Aches

Regenerate your body down to a cellular level, eliminate body aches with advanced stretching techniques in Boca Raton.

Improve Mobility

Imagine being able to stand up straight, bend down, or reach up without pain. Stretching enhances mobility for people of all ages.

Recover faster

Stretching can help you get back to doing what you love faster and better than before.

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Why Choose Us ?

Our full team of stretch experts is highly motivated to enrich your life by providing adequate tools for your physical independence. At Ex-Tensions we are rigorous in upholding our promise to the community with a ton of resources at our disposal to offer a more personalized stretch therapy.

Your path to recovery has already been set and we will facilitate you all the way. At Ex-Tensions we will give you stretch lessons today on things you will need to be conversant with tomorrow for a healthy lifestyle.

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What Motivates Us

Purpose, Strength, Function and proper Living gets us to walk the extra mile. We acknowledge your desire to impact your life positively and we refuse to give in until you are at your best.

Our facility is a haven for muscles and our stretch techniques aim to set them in their best form yet. No injury, pain or complication has the power to sideline you, not if we can help it!

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I have use their service 3 times now and I love it. I feel like it’s a restart to my body after intense workouts. My favorite part is seeing Kate and Kyle. They are always so warm.

Mauren Alejandra Pardo

Absolutely love Ex-Tensions! They have helped me so much with my aches/pains from working out regularly. Best staff and atmosphere is so relaxing.

Sara Jennifer
Ex-Tensions is awesome!!! They have help me a lot, after sessions, I feel no pain anymore, they are amazing and also very professional, I recommend to everyone.
Pedro Campos
I have been a regular at Ex-Tensions for a couple of months now after meeting them at a recent health fair. Kyle has made a big difference with relieving me of my nagging lower back pain.
Lee Lovetro